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EXCLUSIVE: Being Nidge finally pays off! Love/Hate star buys a house after show success


Love/Hate star Tom Vaughn Lawlor has revealed he has bought a new house, after the success of the RTE drama.

The Dublin actor, who previously said he couldn’t even afford a bus ticket when season two of the series was released, said he’s finally in a good place financially.

“I’m at a good level now. I’m very lucky because I have a wonderful wife and a gorgeous son and we have a new home,” he told Goss.ie.

Love/Hate Episode 4Nidge: Tom’s character has become infamous | RTE

“We live in England and we are setting up our new home now. So I’m very lucky in that sense.”

“I feel very lucky to have these opportunities,” he added.

Speaking to Goss.ie at the launch of RTE’s Autumn schedule, Tom revealed life as an actor isn’t all that glamorous.

“The thing about being an actor is that people have misconceptions about what it is to be an actor.”

“Because people see you on television they assume that you’re minted but it’s a very precarious life,” he explained.

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New series: some of the Love/Hate cast members at RTE | RTE

“You could be working for six straight months and then have another eight months where you are not working.”

“So you’ve got to make sure that you’re able to pay your mortgage. But my life is never boring at least,” he said.

Meanwhile Tom revealed he enjoyed shooting the new series of Love/Hate, which took place in Spain.


Success: Tom with co-stars Killian Scott and Peter Coonan | RTE

Tom’s character Nidge is on the run after “narrowly avoiding” prison.

“It was really wonderful and we had a really great time there and film in a different context. The bits I’ve seen from Spain look amazing, they give the show this great new angle.

“There’s a new richness to it, it’s very exciting,” he said.

“All I can say is that Nidge took a huge hit at the end of the last series, in terms of his investment and it went awry.”

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RTE launch: Tom with co-stars, Kathryn Thomas and Ryle Nugent | RTE

“Now it’s about making money and getting back to the top table. It’s about hanging with the big players.”

“This season is about his ambition and his drive and his desire to be a main player. He’s an absolute survivor.”

While fans of the show are dying to see season five, no one knows if there will be another series.

Tom said the cast are never told if another season is planned, and they will have to wait and see.

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Happy: Tom says he feels lucky to be in Love/Hate | RTE

“We don’t know. We go year to year. In American TV shows you sign options. Big shows in America you get signed for five seasons.”

“We just don’t do that here. We just go season to season, it’s always been that way with Love/Hate.”

“When this series comes out we’ll all sit down and see what we’re going to do next,” he said.

Tom will also appear in new RTE drama Charlie, where he stars as PJ Mara.