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The 10 most SHOCKING moments from Love Island 2018

From raunchy to romantic moments, it has been a dramatic series


This series may be over, with Dani and Jack being crowned the winners, but now we can look back and relive our favourite moments…to keep us going.

Love Island 2018 was full of explosive arguments, shock breakups, jealousy and the use of the word ‘loyal’… and we loved every minute of it.

Take a look at the 10 best moments from this series.



10. Idris’ surprising fireman display

The newbie shocked everyone in the villa with his steamy performance during the fireman challenge.

Excuse us while we put this on repeat for article research purposes…


9. Josh coupling up with Kaz in Casa Amor

The 27-year-old was coupled up with Georgia Steel before going to Casa Amor and finding his now-girlfriend, Kazimir Crossley.

Josh coupled up with Kaz while in Casa Amor and walked into the villa hand in hand with the makeup-artist – Georgia’s show of strength when they walked back in led people to call her a role model.


8. Adam getting around

“Ahd be lyin’ if I said” Adam wasn’t one of the biggest stars of the series.

He moved from Kendall…to Rosie…to Zara…to Darylle…and back to Zara, whose family he now lives with.



7. Jack leaving Laura for Laura

Jack has a type, Lauras. He left air hostess for surfer Laura despite his initial relationship seemingly going well.

At least he didn’t have to stress about getting his new partner’s name wrong…


6. Samira leaving the villa

After her now-boyfriend, Frankie was dumped off the island the dancer didn’t think that she would find another lad like him and left the villa, after an emotional goodbye.

The couple have since hit headlines for staging a dramatic reunion at the airport in London for a TV crew so it looks like this won’t be the last we see of them.


5. Georgia’s controversial kiss with Jack

This is possibly the most controversial moment of the entire series but when the 20-year-old left the villa and saw footage of the kiss, she finally admitted to going in for a second peck.

She told Metro, “I kissed him but I feel like it takes two people two tango and it does take two people to kiss.”


4. Alex breaking up with Alexandra

Love Island is, after all, a competition for cold hard cash so it came as a massive shock when Alex broke up with Alexandra just four days before the final.

While it was clear that the makeup-artist was head over heels for Alex, the doctor couldn’t fake feelings anymore and as a result, has more than likely put them out of the running to win the show’s £50,000 prize money.



3. Wes leaving Laura for Megan

Where Megan was present, controversy was never far behind…

Wes and Laura seemed to be almost as solid a couple as Jack and Dani but alas, Wes was easily led astray by Miss Barton Hanson and jumped ships immediately.

Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock

2. Megan asking Wes for a kiss

Megan asking Wes for a kiss would have been all well and good if he wasn’t coupled up with Laura at the time.

The model asked the 20-year-old for a kiss, to which he refused, while he was still happily coupled up with Laura.


1. Rosie standing up to Adam

Fans are still talking about this shocking moment, labelling it ‘Best Moment of the Series,’ as Rosie stood up to Adam, who was talking about her behind her back.

The solicitor took on Adam in front of the entire villa and it will be an iconic Love Island moment forever.


The Love Island finale airs on 3e on Monday the 30th of July at 9pm.