Home TV Ryan Tubridy admits he's 'sad' about weird chat with Ryan O'Neal

Ryan Tubridy admits he's 'sad' about weird chat with Ryan O'Neal


Ryan Tubridy has admitted is sad after enduring a bizarre interview with actor Ryan O’Neal.

Chatting to the Hollywood star on the Late Late Show last week, the A-lister revealed how he chose love Farrah Fawcett over his own daughter, and referred to his child as “the devil.”

“Paper Moon is one of my favourite films and one that you should watch with dads and their daughters,” Ryan explained.

“Then he started being really weird about his daughter and I was going, ‘Oh no’.

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“I was so excited to meet Ryan and today I feel a bit deflated about that.”

Ryan admitted that people came up to him and admitted they were “creeped out” by the actor.

“Everywhere I went on Saturday people were saying it was a hairy one.”

“He kind of creeped people out a little bit because he was talking about the fact he had this great relationship with (his daughter) Tatum for a long time and then Farrah came along and Tatum saw this interloper who was taking her dad away.

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Saddened: Ryan was a big fan of the actor


“He was frank about it. He said, ‘I had to make a decision so I decided on Farrah’ and then he described Tatum and said she was the devil.

“I was looking there, as a Dad of two girls, going ‘how you could get to a point in your life that you would talk about your daughter in those terms?’ It was sad,” he added.