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Chris O'Dowd admits: 'I'm not sure a US version of Moone Boy will work'


Chris O’Dowd has admitted he doesn’t know if an American version of Moone Boy will work.

The Irish actor has penned a deal with US network ABC for an adaptation of the award-winning Sky 1 series, but has said he isn’t sure it’s going to be the same

“We’ve taken the basic premise – a working-class family where the kid has an imaginary friend – but we’re setting it in the Midwest, not Boyle,” he explained.

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“I don’t know if it will work, to be honest,” he told the Radio Times.

“The tone on network television in America is so different, particularly for comedy. It needs to be a lot warmer and Moone Boy is already very warm. If you’re not careful it can become saccharine,” he said.

While Chris appears in the series, it is believed he won’t be appearing in the US version of the show.

Season three of Moone Boy is airing now on Sky 1.