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Exhaustion forced Louis Walsh to quit X Factor after decade on panel


Louis Walsh has admitted he decided to quit the X Factor after a decade because of exhaustion.

But the Mayo man, 60, vowed to return for an 11th year if Simon Cowell asks him.

He said: “I was exhausted. The previous year had not been fun for me so I thought it was time to go.

“If I wasn’t enjoying it, I was sure it would come across on television and I would be pushed out. So I decided to leave on my own terms.”

And Louis admitted he would “definitely” make a U-turn if Simon wants him on the panel again – after loving the last season.

He added: “Sharon Osbourne was brought on board and the bar was raised.

“Don’t get me wrong, it was still incredibly hard work, with 14-hour days and gruelling schedules.

“But I laughed so much with Sharon it made it all worthwhile again.


Fun times: With the rest of the X Factor panel last year

“We had so much fun, all of us, including Gary and Nicole, and we became really good friends.

“I think it is the most fun I have ever had on the panel and has rejuvenated my passion for the show.”

However Louis – who is on holidays in Miami – told the Mail on Sunday that he has used his time off to lose almost a stone in weight to look good on TV.

He added: “It is HD television now and I can’t be out of shape or it will show – Simon always warns me about that.”