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Emma Costello says ‘I’m gonna bounce’ to Goss HQ


Entertainment Reporter Emma Costello is sadly leaving the Goss Team today, as she waves goodbye to her career as a celebrity stalker.

Hoping to pursue her dream of making it on the airwaves (Today FM, howarye?!) – it’s with a heavy heart that Emma has announced her departure from Goss Towers.

Although Emma insists that she’s leaving Goss for a serious career change, sources say the real reason she left is because her long-term love Nathan Carter (he doesn’t know) refused to take a selfie with her.

Sad times: Emma is leaving Goss HQ – where selfies are very much encouraged 

“She hasn’t been the same since – he really broke her heart. She really thought he was her Wagon Wheel,” Aine a source said.

Other sources say Emma’s addiction to cosplay caused her departure.

“She kept insisting that we go to events dressed as The Avengers, I wouldn’t mind but the Hulk costume just really doesn’t suit me… how come Ciara gets to be f**king Iron Man?!” said Rachel Verschoyle.

“She came in once in full Deadpool makeup, she made me spill my tea all over my desk – she definitely has a problem,” said Deputy Editor Kendra Becker.

Cosplay: Emma’s addiction to cosplay may have encouraged her departure from Goss 

Meanwhile, a source close to Emma has said that she simply can’t leave her beloved cat Java at home anymore.

“I swear to god, I heard a ‘meow’ coming from her backpack one day. Java was definitely in there,” said Goss Boss Ali Ryan.

Crazy cat lady: Emma is simply obsessed with her cat Java 

Others say Emma is leaving Goss to run away with Jamie Dornan.

When contacted by Goss.ie about her relationship with Jamie, she refused to comment – but did mention that she knew there was a spark when they first met at The Savoy Cinema.

“He talked to me about his kids, if that doesn’t say ‘run away with me’, then I don’t know what does,” Emma commented.

We’ll miss you: Emma will always be a Goss Gal 

In all seriousness though, Emma will be seriously missed in Goss HQ.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside her, and her offers for tea and coffee will be sorely missed.

Best of luck with everything in the future – you’ll always be a Goss Gal to us.



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