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Victoria Beckham responds to rumours of a Spice Girls reunion to celebrate their 30th anniversary

Victoria Beckham has shut down rumours that the Spice Girls will reunite as a five-piece to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

While Mel B has teased that all five members are working on something special, the fashion designer has denied speculation of a reunion tour or comeback performance.

Instead, the 49-year-old has insisted they will simply get together for a “quiet meal” to mark the occasion.

Speaking to Radio France, Victoria said: “We do have a group chat, I do speak to all the girls. It would be lovely for us to do something to celebrate – a dinner or a lunch – and reminisce, but yes it will not be any more than that.”

The mother-of-four said her singing days are behind her, with her focus now on beauty and fashion.

“I’m so proud of what I achieved with the Spice Girls that now, for me, it’s about empowering people through fashion and beauty,” she explained.

“There have been lots of rumours about tours and performances but that will not happen. But I’d love to celebrate with the girls in another way just me and them.”

Credit: Chris Connor / WENN

Victoria’s comments are a stark contrast to what her former bandmate Mel B had to say on The Jonathan Ross Show last month.

When asked about a possible reunion, she said it’s “definitely” on the cards with the other members.

She admitted: “We are wanting to do something and we are, but I can’t really tell you because I’ll get kicked out of the WhatsApp group again.”

“We’re definitely doing something. I’m probably going to get told off! I’m in trouble now.”

Instagram / Andrew Timms

Mel B also teased the possibility of a reunion on The Jennifer Hudson Show at the start of the year.

The 48-year-old said: “I’m such a blabbermouth. I get told off all the time for announcing stuff that I’m not meant to announce.”

“But what I can say is we’re definitely working on something together – all five of us. And by me just saying that I’m probably going to get into trouble again.”

The Spice Girls reformed for a reunion tour back in 2019, however Victoria didn’t take part.


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