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Paige Thorne breaks her silence on Adam Collard split and addresses THAT viral video

Paige Thorne has broken her silence on her split from Adam Collard.

The Welsh paramedic and the Newcastle native struck up a romance on the latest season of Love Island, but their relationship hit the rocks last month after a video of Adam cosying up to a mystery blonde in McDonald’s went viral.

Paige addressed their breakup for the first time on the latest episode of the Saving Grace podcast, as she confirmed: “I’m single – living my best life! I’m kidding, it’s been a really sh*t time.”

Podcast host Grace Keeling then brought up the viral video of Adam with another girl, and asked Paige whether she knew the woman.

Paige replied: “No, not a clue. But she’s come to light now… They’re not friends.”

“But it’s not just that video. There are other videos that people don’t know about of different people, on the same night, in different locations,” the reality star claimed.

“At first I was like, nah, do you know what? It’s just an arm. I get that people get flirty. There’s nothing to it. If I’m in the club and a guy puts his arm around me, is it cheating? No. And then these other videos came out and I’m just like, ooh. Ooh, I can’t justify this.”

Paige also said of the videos: “I saw them the same time everybody else did. It was just like, ew. Ok. The other videos I saw were sent to me personally in DMs.”

The 24-year-old continued: “Deep down I always knew I was going to get done over. Did I get Collarded?”

When asked would she ever get back with Adam, Paige replied: “Absolutely not. I mean, would you? Would you get back with someone like that?”

“The videos speak for themselves. The ones everyone has seen and the ones only I’ve seen.”


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