Mel B’s ex Stephen Belafonte accuses her of being a ‘drug addict and alcoholic’ in new legal documents

The former couple finalised their divorce last year


Mel B’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte has accused her of being a drug addict and an alcoholic in new legal documents.

In documents obtained by TMZ, the producer, who has six-year-old daughter Madison with Mel, accuses the former Spice Girl of lying and covering up injuries she sustained while intoxicated by accusing him of domestic violence.

In a bid to obtain visitation rights to his 10-year-old stepdaughter Angel, whose biological father is Eddie Murphy, Stephen has claimed that Mel lied about domestic violence to turn Angel against him.

The 42-year-old referred to an incident in London in 2014, where Mel claimed she was rushed to the hospital after he smashed her head into a door.

However, Stephen has now claimed that Mel had actually overdosed on drugs and sustained bruises from an EKG machine and I.V. drip during her stay in hospital.

He also alleged that she frequently walks into walls because she is so intoxicated, and that she tries to pull down her pants and urinate on the couch in front of her children.

Referring to Mel’s previous claims about Stephen forcing her into having threesomes, Stephen has insisted that she was lying, and claimed that he has videos in which she initiated and recorded the sexual encounters.

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After their split, Mel claimed that Stephen showed her children videos featuring terrorist beheadings, but he has claimed that is a blatant lie.

The documents also allege that Stephen sent Mel’s therapist a number of texts pleading with him to stop giving her medication, as he feared she would overdose and die like Michael Jackson.

Mel and Stephen’s divorce was settled last November. Stephen was awarded £6.5million, with a guarantee that their sex tapes be destroyed.