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Love Island’s Georgia Harrison shares update on ‘mystery’ illness – after spending Christmas in hospital

Georgia Harrison has shared an update on her “mystery” illness, after spending Christmas in hospital.

The Love Island star fell ill while in Dubai, fighting back tears as she told her followers she would be alone in hospital during the festive season.

Taking to her Instagram Stories today, the 26-year-old explained she had a “ruptured cyst” while caused “multiple organs to become severely infected”, especially her kidneys.

She wrote: “The doctors here are amazing and we’re doing our best to fight the infection but currently I’m still suffering with high fever when not on paracetamol and abdominal/back pain.”

“I’ve never fallen ill like this before,” the reality star admitted.

“The only time I’ve been in hospital was to pick up some boobs so it’s been a real shock to me and quite scary.

“But I have lots of amazing friends in Dubai who have brought me presents, clothes, flowers and food, and I am in extremely good hands when it comes to the medical team here.”

In a teary video, Georgia admitted she was experiencing serious ‘FOMO’ after missing Christmas Day.

“I suffer from FOMO at the best of times but this one really got me,” she said.


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