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Love Island’s Amy Hart seeks medical attention after suffering health scare

Amy Hart has revealed she’s seeking medical attention, as she’s suffering from a health scare.

The Love Island star said she has been experiencing heart pains, pins and needles in her legs and chronic fatigue, and admitted she needed to speak to the doctor urgently.

She also asked her followers not to worry her about her symptoms, because she wanted to “live in happiness” for a few more days or weeks.

Amy took to her Instagram to describe her worrying symptoms, and said: “I need to go to bed cause I’ve got to get up early in the morning to call the doctors because I’ve been having, I mean I don’t know if anyone else has had this.”

“Obviously if it’s something really bad don’t tell me, like let me live in happiness for a few more days or weeks whatever, but I’ve had chronic fatigue.”

“I’ve been having my B12 injections. I’m up to date with my B12 but I’ve been having chronic fatigue, nausea – I’m not pregnant either just to say – really awful period pain, like to the point of being doubled over in the kitchen.”

She revealed she was having “pins and needles” in her feet, and “chest pains”.

She admitted her fiancé Sam said to her: “Will you please go to the doctors?”

Amy is set to marry her fiancé Sam Rason in September ,after giving birth to their son Stanley in March 2023.

She continued: “So tomorrow is that day. I’m going to get my iron and my folic acid checked as well but some of you were saying ‘Have you got a fibroid?’ I’ve obviously got five, should have said that I’m my last story. But I’ve got five fibroids.”

“So when I did my egg freezing I didn’t have any. Then when I did panto in 2021 I was getting really bad pains. So I went and had a scan and I had five one centimetre fibroids.”

“Then when I was pregnant they grew and now I’m thinking have they just got a lot bigger.”

The mother-of-one said: “Basically I’m going to ask them if I can go for a scan and obviously early menopause is in my family, low AMH, time is of the essence.”

“If they can’t book me in for a scan for ages then I’ll just go and pay for one at my fertility clinic and go from there.”

Amy suffered a cancer scare back in 2022 when doctors found abnormal cells in her cervix after a routine smear test.


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