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Laura Anderson insists it’s ‘really hard’ being an influencer – after receiving backlash over Dubai trip

The reality star is currently in Dubai for "work"


Laura Anderson has insisted it’s “really hard” being an influencer, after receiving backlash over her trip to Dubai.

The Glasgow native is the latest Love Islander to be slammed for travelling abroad during the pandemic, as many have jetted off to the UAE while the UK remains in lockdown.

Taking to her Instagram Story on Tuesday night, the 31-year-old once again addressed the backlash she’s received over her choice to travel to Dubai.

The Love Island star spoke on the “reality” of being an influencer, and how “it’s not that great” at the moment.

Speaking in the video, Laura said: “This whole thing about everyone hating influencers, I’m just like f**k… this is what I do for a job at the minute.”

“I don’t want to feel c**p. I’m thinking, maybe, would it be a good idea to give more of an insight into the reality of being an influencer?”

“I do have to do a bit more of an insight of the reality of being an influencer because I feel a lot of young people think they might wanna do it but, maybe it’s not that great when you realise the reality of it.”

“I saw someone on my comments today being like: ‘Always being on holiday’ but when you’re working, no matter where you are, you’re not on holiday.”

“On holiday doesn’t just mean in the sun, it means you’re not working because people, who live in America and Australia are in the sun all the time so…”


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The reality star continued: “I don’t know, I just want people to understand and maybe they won’t get as annoyed.”

“And this isn’t to do with right now this is all the time because I remember even with Molly-Mae, when she went into the villa, because people were like ‘oh my god she’s an influencer’ like it was this big negative thing.”

“So maybe it would be a good idea to give an insight of what it’s really like so people don’t hate it as much and realise how hard it is,” she added.

The news comes after Dubai was taken off the UK’s travel corridor list, which means anyone arriving from the country will have to self-isolate upon their return.

A host of other Love Island stars have jetted off to Dubai in recent weeks, including Amber GillDemi Jones, and Shaughna Phillips.