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Katie Price shows off son Harvey’s new home as he prepares for full-time residential college

The 18-year-old is going into full-time care

Katie Price has shown off her son Harvey’s new home as he prepares for full-time residential college.

Last month, the former glamour model revealed she was putting her eldest child into full-time care. 

The teenager suffers from a number of health conditions, including septo-optic dysplasia, autism and Prader-Willi syndrome.

In her new vlog, the mum-of-five showed viewers the three-bedroom house that Harvey would be staying in.

She said: “We’re outside Mr. Harvey Price’s house! Obviously with Covid there’s not much you can do, Harvey still needs to get some fresh air.”

Later on in the vlog, Katie revealed she and Harvey had designed a new clothing range for people with autism.

Harvey modelled on of the T-shirts from the range, which had print writing on the back reading: “I don’t like loud noises”

Katie explained: “So the range that i’ve done with Harvey, it’s for kids with autism.”

“He hates loud noises so I’ve made a collection and what’s on the back is he hates loud noises to let people know.”


The new video was shot before Harvey was hospitalised after having a bad reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Sunday, Katie explained: “Because of Harvey’s complex needs and the complex medication that he’s on, he had his Covid [jab], the Oxford one, and just had a reaction.”

“The reaction was a really, really high temperature, 39.9 [degrees], and obviously with Harvey I really have to keep an eye and I couldn’t get his temperature down.”

“So I phoned Great Ormond’s Street and they told me to go to the nearest A&E, and that’s what we did… Everything was fine they just said it was a reaction.”

“But today, absolutely on form. And the doctors and nurses were fantastic. So I can’t wait to get my Covid injection, and I still recommend everyone else have it,” she added.

Katie and Harvey | Instagram
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