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First look: Laura Whitmore returns to the Love Island villa for dramatic Casa Amor recoupling

Laura Whitmore will return to the Love Island villa tonight for dramatic Casa Amor recoupling.

The boys left the main villa on Monday night, and moved into Casa Amor with six new girls – Salma, Amy, Mary, Lillie, Clarisse and Kaila.

Meanwhile the girls who were left behind in the main villa were joined by six new boys – Dale, Jack, Sam, Harry, Medhy and Matthew.

At Casa Amor, Hugo receives a text that reads: “Boys. Tonight there will be a recoupling in which you must decide whether you want to remain coupled up with your partner back in the villa or recouple with one of the new girls. #dontcountthedaysmakethedayscount.”

The girls receive the same text, along with the hashtag: “#stickortwist”.

©ITV Plc

©ITV Plc

Later that evening, Laura joins the girls and the new boys at the fire pit of the main villa.

The Irish host says: “Girls as you know tonight there will be a recoupling. Each of you has a big decision to make. I’m going to ask you all one-by-one if you want to stick with your current partner who has been in Casa Amor or do you want to couple up with one of these boys standing in front of you now?”

“The boys in Casa Amor have also been given a choice – whether to stick with you or couple up with one of the new girls. Remember Casa Amor is the ultimate relationship test. Do you trust that your boy has stayed loyal to you? Or do you think he will have strayed?”

©ITV Plc

©ITV Plc

Prior to the recoupling, Liam kisses Casa Amor contestant Lillie.

He tells the Newcastle beauty: It’s been hard to compare the both of you because I’ve known Millie longer. You make me feel a very good way. I do feel a certain way when I’m around you.”

Lillie asks: “So, I’m doing something right?” and Liam replies: “You are doing something right”, before leaning in for a kiss.

“That’s exactly what I wanted,” Lillie adds.

©ITV Plc

Later, Liam, Tyler and Toby discuss where their heads are at.

Toby says: “Right now the only one who could take Abi off her spot is Mary.”

Tyler, who is torn between Kaz and Clarisse, admits: “If you were to ask me right now, I couldn’t give you an answer man.”

Liam adds: “I see more of a future with Millie more than I see one with Lillie.”

©ITV Plc

Meanwhile, Faye gets to know new boy Sam better, and the pair share a bed.

Love Island continues at 9pm tonight on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.


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