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Fans freak out as they realise Calvin Harris is Scottish

Fans from around the world freaked out after realising that Calvin Harris is Scottish.

The DJ took to the stage at the BRITs last night to accept the award for Best Single for his hit ‘Once Dance’ with Dua Lipa.

Viewers were left shocked when they heard Calvin’s acceptance speech, as many didn’t realise that the 35-year-old is from Scotland.

“(T)he fact Calvin Harris is Scottish and not American is the single greatest revelation of 2019 for me so far,” one fan tweeted.

“I was today years old when I found out that Calvin Harris is Scottish,” another added.

“Wait.. Calvin Harris is Scottish?!” a viewer wrote.

The news came as such a shock to fans that ‘Calvin Harris is Scottish’ started trending on Twitter.

Others were unimpressed by the amount of people who didn’t know where the DJ is from, as one tweeted: “It weirdly bothers me that people didn’t know Calvin Harris is Scottish”.

“Loving all of these moderately anti-Scottish tweets from folk who are shocked that Calvin Harris is actually Scottish,” another said.


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