Dermot O’Leary reveals social media helped him identify man who stole his wedding ring

The TV presenter asked fans to help him identify the thief last month

Dermot O’Leary has revealed social media helped him identify the man who stole his wedding ring.

Last month, the TV presenter asked fans to help him identify the thief by sharing a photo of the perpetrator on Instagram.

Speaking on The One Show this week, Dermot explained how his wedding ring was stolen after the man robbed his gym bag from his locker.

He said: “I had my locker raided while I was at an exercise class and he took my whole bag which contained my wedding ring, which I had taken off because it can get snagged and so forth, and my crucifix and my watch.”

Dermot continued: “Anyway, thanks to Instagram, we know who he is – I won’t say his name cause shenanigans is hopefully happening so fingers crossed we catch him before he does it to anyone else.”

In his Instagram post last month, Dermot shared a CCTV image of the man, and wrote: “I know there are more important things happening in the world right now, but last week my bag (with my wedding ring in it) was stolen from a locked locker at ‘Psycle’ on Mortimer St. London.”

“I’m not after any special preferential treatment. I’m not the victim of a violent crime, and even though no-one should have to – I can handle all the impersonal items being stolen (the wallet, phone, watch, keys etc.) but this man stole my wedding ring & gold crucifix. Something that would mean nothing to him – but everything to me.”


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Dermot continued: “I’ve made peace with the knowledge that I’ll probably never see these cherished items again, but I’d really like it if you, your loved ones, or anyone else you know, didn’t have to go through the same ordeal of having your personal items stolen by this man.”

“This is the man who stole my things. If you recognise him, or can give any information on him – please call 101 quoting ref 6195/21Aug.”

“Please share, retweet and get his face everywhere, so he doesn’t get to steal your most treasured possessions. Thank you. Dermot. X.”

Dermot has been married to TV producer Dee Koppang since 2012, and the couple recently welcomed their first child together. 

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