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Davina McCall warns other parents about ‘dangerous’ chatroom – after her daughter was sent x-rated snaps

The presenter was horrified by what she saw on the website


Davina McCall has warned other parents about a “dangerous” online chatroom, after her 16-year-old daughter Tilly was sent x-rated snaps on the website.

Speaking on her Making The cut podcast, the TV presenter said she’s surprised the chat website is “legal”.

She said: “My daughters were howling with laughter the other day and they went on a website called Omegle.com.”

“If you are a parent and you have children under the age of 16 you need to be checking their computers that they are not going on Omegle because this is the most dangerous site I have ever seen.”


“So let me explain what it’s called, it’s Omegle and their whole strapline is ‘talk to strangers’ – so red f***ing, excuse my language, flag right there,” she continued.

“So it’s like playing roulette. You sort of spin the wheel, so you press Enter and your face is there on the camera.”

“Obviously I’ve got girls, I think you put in the fact that you’re a girl and you want to talk to boys and you press the thing.”

“And this morning Tilly showed it to me, I sat down off camera, she was on camera – out of the five people that she had, bearing in mind it’s 10 o’clock in the morning, two of them were just pictures of men’s groins, with a s****y, w***ing,” Davina revealed.


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“It was the most explicit, horrific thing I have ever… I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ Obviously Tilly thinks it’s really funny, but if it was a 14-year-old girl I would be genuinely really, really worried.”

Davina added: “I’m amazed it’s legal. And warning someone that there are predators on there – it says a lot, right? There’s got to be better ways of meeting people.”

“There aren’t many things. I consider myself to be a really liberal person, but this was a step too far even for me. It’s much too easily accessible to kids.”

The 52-year-old shares three children Tilly, 16, Holly, 18, and Chester, 13, with her ex-husband Matthew – who she separated from in 2017.

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