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Dan Osborne admits he’s been ‘hit hard financially’ – as he defends promoting products on Instagram

The reality star said he's "not rich" - despite what many of his followers believe


Dan Osborne has admitted he’s been “hit hard financially”, as he defended promoting products on Instagram.

The former TOWIE star is often seen promoting a range of products online, including earphones, watches, and sunglasses.

Taking to Instagram last night, the father-of-three said some fans have expressed their frustration over him posting ads on social media.


Defending his decision to post paid ads on Instagram, Dan said he does it because he has to feed his kids and pay the bills.

Dan said: “So I just wanted to explain a bit about it. I understand if you’re not interested… if there’s an advertisement and you’re not interested in it, just swipe across, you don’t have to watch it.”

“It’s a part of my job, I’ll only advertise things I know are good and I know people are happy with. (I have to) feed my kids and pay my bills just like everyone else.”

“And in this hard time it’s hit me, it’s hit everyone. My tattoo shop is shut and it’s been shut for months now,” he continued.

“All these things going on my life at the moment as well. People assume that because you’ve been on TV once, that you’re rich.”

“No! I have to make a living as well,” Dan added.

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