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Cara Delevingne announces she and Ashley Benson ‘broke up’

The announcement was posted to social media...


Cara Delevigne announced that she and girlfriend Ashley Benson broke up in a since deleted tweet.

However, it is thought that the tweet was sent by hackers who took over the model’s account.

The straight forward tweet was sent in the early hours of December 10th, and was deleted shortly after.

“Me and Ashley broke up,” Delevingne posted in the since-removed post.

Reports have claimed that the star’s social media feeds were hacked, leading to the tweet being sent.

At the same time as the break up tweet, the hacker posted a fake iPhone giveaway of 1000 phones.

Screenshot : Twitter

Other tweets shared a link to a payment app, while another tweet read:Ā ā€œI think Iā€™m turning straight.ā€

The tweets were swiftly deleted, and the couple have not released a formal statement regarding their relationship status, however fans have presumed that the pair are still dating.

The alleged hack comes amid rumours that the couple are actually secretly married. The actresses have been together for over a year.