Ben Foden and new wife Jackie plan permanent move to England

The pair are currently based in New York

Ben Foden has revealed he and his new wife Jackie are planning a permanent move to England next summer.

The rugby player married the American socialite on a boat in Nantucket back in August, after just two weeks of dating.

Ben’s whirlwind marriage came just one year after he split from former Saturdays star Una, who he was married to for six years.

Speaking to MailOnline in a new interview, Ben said he and Jackie are going to celebrate their quickie marriage by throwing two wedding parties – one in  the US, and one in the UK.

Ben said: “Jackie and I are going to have a wedding party in America. We were thinking about doing one in America, in Connecticut or in the city in Manhattan and we’re also going to do one in Cheshire in England.

“With everything going on at the moment we’re so busy, we haven’t had time to do that yet as we have been bouncing back and forth.

“But we’re planning to move back to England next summer and buy a house in Cheshire so we were thinking of having a big celebration then and bring everyone over from America and do it to celebrate our one year anniversary,” he said.

“We’re dining out on it at the moment and enjoying it. There are still so many people that want to celebrate with us.”


The sports star, who is currently starring on the X Factor: Celebrity, also said Jackie has been an incredibly positive influence in his life.

Ben admitted: “My life has changed a lot over the last seven months. I have been in America and I got married. In New York it’s a very busy way of life, everyone is quite healthy.”

“Jackie loves all these shakes in the morning. She’s not a vegan or vegetarian but we have more of a vegetarian diet together. She has been a very positive influence on my life and my diet,” he continued.

“I have always been rubbish nutrition wise – nutrition is so important now coming away from rugby to stay fit and healthy. It is really good to by busy, if I’m left to my own devices and have lots of free time then I get bored and lethargic.”


“But now I’m with the boys and doing interviews and I’m trying to stay to fit and healthy – it has given me something to focus all my energy on.

“And because the season doesn’t start until February in America it has been really refreshing for me to have something to dive into,” Ben said.

“The beauty of The X Factor is that you dive into it – it’s a full on process. Thom said I was fat the other day so I’m on a strict diet at the moment trying to get back to his level – with this entire top taking off business I need to slim down!”