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Ashley Cain shares emotional video of the speech he made at daughter Azaylia’s funeral

"She changed my life, she saved my life and she made my life..."


Ashley Cain has shared an emotional video of the speech he made at his daughter Azaylia’s funeral.

The Ex on the Beach star and his partner Safiyya Vorajee laid their baby girl to rest last Friday, after she tragically passed away last month following a battle with cancer.

Taking to Instagram today, the 30-year-old shared a video of his emotional eulogy, which he described as “the toughest speech of [his] life”.

He began the speech by saying: “Wow. I always thought I was a bit of a celebrity then Azaylia came along and completely blew me out of the water.”

“I think that when you have a child, as a parent you can be slightly biased. But I think it’s safe to say, on behalf of myself, my partner, my friends, my family and the whole world that followed our story, that my daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain was special, beautiful, strong, courageous and so so inspirational.”

“From the second that she came into my life, everything changed. She changed my life, she saved my life and she made my life,” he said through tears.

“Having a little girl like Azaylia was a chance for me to really, really show the true person that I am. She allowed me to love, she allowed me to kiss, to snuggle, to dance, everything I wanted to do, at it’s full capacity.”

Ashley said that despite receiving Azaylia’s heartbreaking diagnosis, he had some of the best days of his life with her.

“I miss kissing her lips… I miss smelling her head, I miss blowing raspberries on her belly, I miss putting her feet on my face and going, ‘Poo stinky feet’ – she used to love that. I miss dancing with her, something we used to do every single day.”


“I think the thing I miss the most is… waking up in the morning, opening up the blinds and seeing her massive, massive beautiful smile.”

“She was amazing and no matter what she went through, she always did it with a smile on her face and she always did it with grace and beauty.”

The reality star said that his family “gained their strength” from Azaylia, adding: “We smiled because she smiled. We were brave because she was so fearless. And we were strong because she was a true beacon of strength.”


“In the end, this Lickle Lion that we thought we needed to love and be strong for had enough love and strength in her to fuel the whole world.”

“There are no words to describe how difficult this is… It gets more difficult every single day,” Ashley continued.

“I made a promise to my daughter and to myself that I will make her name live on. I will carry her name to the stars. I will be a vessel and help other families and poorly children until it’s my final journey.”

“And then, hopefully then, I will be at peace and I will be happy as I will have earned my place in heaven where I will be with you again, my baby.”

“My champion, my world, my hero. Azaylia Diamond Cain, I love you,” he concluded before breaking out in Azaylia’s favourite song ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ from the Jungle Book with his family and friends.

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