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Amber Gill reveals how she REALLY feels about Greg O’Shea on social media

The reality star has been liking some cryptic tweets


Amber Gill has revealed how she really feels about Greg O’Shea, by liking a cryptic post on social media.

The Limerick rugby player confirmed his split from the Geordie beauty on The Late Late Show on Friday night – following reports that he dumped her over text.

Greg denied reports that he ended things through a text message, and insisted that they’re still “mad about” each other.

However, Amber doesn’t seem to feel the same way as she’s liked some interesting tweets on social media.


A fan of Amber’s tweeted: “Like, Greg took that £25k bag and RAN at the first opportunity he could – he pulled the wool over EVERYBODY’s eyes.”

“He would be NOBODY without @AmberRoseGill – The night of the final, he had 110k followers, she had 1.9mil. I had to canvas votes SUPER hard to make up for his side.”

After another fan replied to say, “hope our girl is ok,” @MarkTweedy wrote back: “She’s a tough cookie. She’s dealt with wastemen before ❤️.”

Letting her feelings be known, Amber liked the tweet about her being a “tough cookie”.

The 22-year-old is yet to officially comment on her split from Greg, but she was spotted looking down in the dumps on fellow Islander Anna Vakili’s Instagram Story last night – while Greg was on The Late Late Show without her.