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WATCH: Netflix release trailer for brand new true crime docuseries

A brand new true crime series is coming to Netflix next month.

Trial 4 tells the story of Sean K. Ellis, a Boston man who served 22 years in prison after being found guilty of killing Boston Police Detective John Mulligan in 1993 when he was just 19-years-old.

The eight-part series follows Sean as he prepares for his fourth trial that could potentially put him back in prison for life, after he was released in 2015, always maintaining his innocence.

Investigation revealed corrupt police officers, questionable witnesses and enormous pressure within the department to solve the case, shedding light on issues within the justice system.

Trial 4 Web Series Streaming Online Watch on Netflix

Ellis’s story highlights issues of systemic racism, police corruption and criminal justice reform while offering hope that, ultimately, people have the power to change the system.

Trial 4 drops on Netflix on November 11, with the official trailer being released on Wednesday.

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