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TV3's Mark Cagney left 'unhinged' when he feared Sinead Desmond was DYING like wife


Ireland AM presenter Mark Cagney was left “unhinged” when co-host Sinead Desmond suffered a brain hemorrhage during a show.

And the TV3 star said it reminded him of his first wife Ann’s death from the same condition years earlier.

The 38-year-old was immediately rushed to hospital by paramedics after collapsing on the show’s set in 2008.

And Mark said: “She scared the s**t out of us. We thought she was pregnant and it was something to do with the pregnancy.

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“Then when Sinead said we was seeing things in black and white, I went ‘Oh no,’ because I had a similar time in my life where a similar thing happened.

“It was one of the only times in my adult life, bar the death of my wife, when I was completly unhinged. I didn’t know what to do.”

And Mark – who had scared presenters last year after being rushed off set following a suspected heart attack – said his medical emergency didn’t compare to what she went through.

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He added: “My suspected heart attack does not compare to what Sinead went through.”

But Sinead admitted she was extremely lucky overall. She said: “I was in hospital with people who didn’t come out of it, so I got off lucky.”