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This is the new Netflix show everyone is talking about

Dear Child is the new Netflix show everyone is talking about.

Reigning at the number 1 spot on the top 10 list on Netflix, this German thriller will keep you the edge of your seat.

Adapted from Romy Hausman’s internationally acclaimed novel of the same title, ‘Dear Child’ (or “Liebes Kind” in its original German) delves into the connection between the harrowing escape of the two protagonists and a 13-year-old missing persons case.

This gripping six-part miniseries, initially produced in German, intertwines the present-day efforts of investigators to unravel multiple mysteries with flashbacks to the years when a woman (played by Kim Riedle), a young girl (Naila Schuberth), and a young boy (Sammy Schrein) were held captive in a windowless house under the control of their male captor.

Since its release on Netflix on September 7, ‘Dear Child’ has received an 86% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has secured the top spot on FlixPatrol’s list of the most popular Netflix shows worldwide.

Some viewers have taken to social media to encourage others to start watching the series, with one user dubbing it “one of the best binge-watching experiences in years” and another describing it as “a must-see for enthusiasts of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries.”

The narrative combines elements reminiscent of various renowned thrillers, including ‘Gone Girl’ from 2014 and ‘Room’ from 2015, both of which were also adapted from novels, but ‘Dear Child’ introduces its own unsettling twists and turns.

‘Dear Child’ places a particular emphasis on exploring the internal anguish stemming from traumatic experiences, as highlighted by co-producer Friederich Oetker.

He remarked: “I found the theme of inner and outer imprisonment particularly compelling: even if you manage to escape physically, you carry your inner prison with you. You must free yourself from it.”

The cast of the show includes Haley Louise Jones, Kim Riedle, Julika Jenkins and more.

The response to the show has been mixed, with some fans gushing about the show while others provided some critique on it on X – formerly known as Twitter.

Most fans agree that the show is very much gripping and holds your attention throughout the six episodes.

One tweeted: “German psychological thriller, #DearChild, is not for the faint of heart! This is riveting, edge-of-ur-seat binge material. Prepare yourself, get all ur snacks ready, bcz u will not be able to stop watching!”

Another wrote: “#DearChild is a compelling watch, grim as hell, but the climax is underwhelming, providing no real real insight into the motives of the kidnapper. Pity, could have been great.

Dear Child is available to stream on Netflix now.


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