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Five simple steps to help keep your romance alive while in a long-distance relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship isn’t without challenges. With physical distance separating you from your partner, strong communication and trust are essential.

And now, with the help of online dating apps, the ability to connect with someone from a different city or country has opened the doors for couples to embrace the idea of loving someone from afar.

Whether you’re new to long-distance relationships or looking to improve an existing one, Jacob is on hand to share his tried and tested advice, as he reveals his five simple steps to navigating long-distance love.

From staying connected through screens to planning reunions, the dating coach opens up to Alt Index on the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship, and why it’s always important to trust the person you’re with.

Here are Jacob’s top five tips for conquering a long-distance relationship.

1. Set a date

“One of the hardest things for many people in long distance relationships is being certain of when they are going to see their partner again. This can be very tough to deal with mentally. But this doesn’t need to be the case. As long as you are both organised with your schedules then it’s very easy to overcome.

“Always have a date in the diary of when you are going to see each other next in person. The thought of not knowing is the hard part. Be organised, have a date in the diary and you can count down the days until you get to see each other again. Just don’t leave it too long, though!”

2. Regular video calls

“Video calls are the next best thing to being in person with someone. Texting is good, phone calls are good, but video calls just make you feel much more connected. When me and my girlfriend are apart, we video call at least once a day. Whether it be during a coffee break or whilst making dinner, we video call each other to talk about our days. You will always find time for a call if you want to, it’s all about priorities.”

3. Trust each other

“In a long distance relationship, you MUST trust each other for it to work. As you won’t be around them as often as you like, you have to trust that they are committed and loyal to you. If that trust goes, arguments are bound to happen and the whole relationship will crumble.

“When many people find out you’re in a long distance relationship, they will try to tempt you to cheat on your partner. But you need to know and trust that your partner is the type of person you can count on to tell those people where to go!”

4. Make the most of your time together

“When you see each other, you really need to make the most of it. Whenever my partner comes to the UK, we always have a holiday or some sort of adventure planned. This gives a big air of excitement around every time she comes over, as well as the excitement of seeing each after a few weeks. If you both just sat at home not doing much then the relationship has a good chance of fizzling out.

“Next time you talk to your partner, start planning a big adventure for when they next come over and it will keep the spark in your relationship alive!”

5. Be open and honest

“Being apart can be tough and trust me, I understand how you feel. You need to express how you feel during these tough times. If you miss them, tell them. It doesn’t make you needy, it makes you human!

“If you need to vent to each other about how you’re feeling, do it. If you feel like you aren’t having your needs fulfilled, let them know. Listen to each other and do your best to fulfill each other’s emotional needs. If you can both do this and work as a team to help each other during these tough times, then I promise you that it will bring you closer together.”


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