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Holly Carpenter reveals the sweet way fiancé Jamie Hunt included her dad in his proposal

Holly Carpenter has revealed the sweet way her fiancé Jamie Hunt included her dad in his proposal.

Last week, the Irish influencer announced her engagement to her long-term love, after almost four years together.

Sharing the happy news on Instagram, the 32-year-old wrote:10/05/24 💍 Here’s to forever 🥂💖”

Speaking to Evoke about the emotional moment, Holly said: “I didn’t actually start crying and then when he said I met with your dad yesterday and I asked him and your dad gave me a really big hug and said ‘of course’ and that’s when the floodgates opened because I’m such a daddy’s girl.”

Her dad Karl, as well as Jamie’s father Keith, are currently battling cancer.

Holly explained that her parents live in France for half the year, and had suspicions about a possible proposal when she found out that they were coming to Cork for a barbecue.

Revealing how the engagement happened, she said: “He [Jamie] was like ‘do you want to do a sunrise walk on Friday morning just to kickstart the weekend?’ that’s something we used to do loads and we haven’t been doing it as much in the last few months so I was delighted… he said we were going to do Ticknock… and I was like, ‘oh my God that’s where we had our second date.'”

“Then the night before he said ‘actually let’s just do Poolbeg because the traffic’s probably going to be mad’ and I though ‘oh maybe he’s not [going to propose]’ even though Poolbeg is somewhere we go with Max [their dog] and we had picnics out there and really nice strolls but I think I just didn’t want to get my hopes up.”

She continued: “It takes a lot to have me speechless or in shock but I feel like I was completely shocked. I didn’t know that our friend Tom was down there hiding behind the wall with a camera.”

“We laid out this picnic blanket but the sides of the picnic blanket kept blowing up so I took off my runners and I was putting them on the sides of the blanket trying to keep it down.”

“I stood up and then he threw a treat at Max to distract him and started saying all of these really nice things… but that’s why in the photograph I’m just there in my socks!”

“Our friend Ray owns the restaurant Slice and he had made us a big love heart chocolate cake so when we got back to the car, Jamie pulled that out and we had a big slice of cake and watched the sun come up,” she added.

Holly then explained that after Jamie popped the question they headed to Cork for the barbecue with their family.

Speaking on the hard times their two families have experienced, she confessed: “It feels like there’s been a lot of worry and stress for both of the families.”

“Just to see them both together in the sunshine having a barbecue and Jamie’s sister, who is also called Holly, said it’s given both the families such a lift being together and celebrating and having some good news.”

Earlier this year, the couple helped raise thousands of euro for The Marie Keating Foundation through their Paddy’s Day Dip fundraiser.

To honour their fathers, who are both currently battling a cancer, the pair invited the public to join them on March 17th for a sunrise sea swim.


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