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Here’s everything coming to Netflix in September

Time to get the popcorn out!


Netflix has some great new releases coming this September, as well as new seasons of their popular series.

For the cold months ahead the streaming service will have you sorted for those chill nights in.

Heres what to expect to come next month:

Netflix Films

Sierra Burgess is a Loser – 07/09/2018

Smart high school girl Sierra teams up with a more popular girl hoping to win over her crush. Starring Shannon Purser (Barb from ‘Stranger Things’).

Hold The Dark – 28/09/2018

Summoned to a remote Alaskan village to search for wolves that took a local boy, a naturalist soon finds himself caught in a harrowing mystery.

The 3rd Eye – 28/09/2018

After the death of their parents, two sisters move back to their childhood home, where one sibling claims to be able to see a dark presence.

The Angel – 14/09/2018

While operating at the highest levels of Egypt’s government, Ashraf Marwan walks a dangerously thin line as a spy for Israel.

Netflix Weekly Series

The Good Place Season 3 – 28/09/2018

Shooter Season 3 – 07/09/2018

Netflix Original Series

Sisters – 01/09/2018

Her dad’s deathbed confession leads Julia to discover she has more than 100 brothers and two sisters: troubled TV star Roxy and uptight lawyer Edie.

American Horror Story: Cult – 08/09/2018

The seventh season of the extremely successful FX horror anthology television series.

Maniac – 21/09/2018

Annie and Owen forge a deep connection when they take part in a clinical trial for a psychotropic drug involving a visionary doctor.

Atypical: Season 2 (07/09/2018)

While Elsa and Doug face the aftermath of their marriage crisis and Casey tries to adjust to her new school, Sam prepares for life after graduation.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 – 07/09/2018

With the defeat of the Hand, Chinatown is left vulnerable to turf wars, and Danny must protect the streets of New York.

Bojack Horseman Season 5 – 14/09/2018

BoJack’s back on screen as the star of “Philbert,” a new detective series produced by Princess Carolyn. But his demons are out in full force.

The Good Cop – 21/09/2018

Honest cop Tony Jr. gets advice from his unscrupulous father, retired NYPD officer Tony Sr., about everything from his job to his love life.

Cable Girls Season 3 – 07/09/2018

After a tragedy, Lidia fights passionately for her family, Carlota finds her voice, Ángeles goes undercover and Marga reveals a talent for accounting.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father Season 2 -28/09/2018

Chef’s Table Volume 5 – 28/09/2018

Call The Midwife Series 6 – 12/09/2018

Netflix Original Documentaries 

City of Joy – 07/09/2018

Women who’ve been sexually brutalised in war-torn Congo begin to heal at City of Joy, a centre that helps them regain a sense of self and empowerment.

Lessons from a School Shooting: Notes From Dunblane – 28/09/2018

Devastated by the school shooting in his town, a priest from Sandy Hook, Connecticut, bonds with a Scottish priest who experienced a similar tragedy.

Quincy – 21/09/2018

Plot: An intimate look into the life of icon Quincy Jones. A unique force in music and popular culture for 70 years, Jones has transcended racial and cultural boundaries; his story is inextricably woven into the fabric of America.


The Mummy I, II & IV – 01/09/2018

The Hangover Part I, II & III – 15/09/2018

The Purge: Election Year – 01/09/2018

Inferno – 06/09/2018

The Grand Budapest Hotel – 30/09/2018

Marvel’s Iron Man I, II & III – 01/09/2018

Gangs Of New York – 01/09/2018

Million Dollar Baby – 01/09/2018

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – 01/09/2018

Marvel’s Doctor Strange – 24/09/2018

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool – 11/09/2018

Burn After Reading – 12/09/2018

Wonder – 26/09/2018