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The Gilded Age: Viewers are loving the new drama series from the creator of Downton Abbey

The Gilded Age is a brand new drama series from the creator of Downton Abbey.

The show premiered on HBO and Sky Atlantic on Tuesday night, and it is receiving rave reviews from viewers.

The series begins in 1882 with young Marian Brook (played by Louisa Jacobson) moving from rural Pennsylvania to New York City after the death of her father to live with her thoroughly old money aunts Agnes van Rhijn (Christine Baranski) and Ada Brook (Cynthia Nixon).

Marian becomes enmeshed in a social war between one aunt – who comes from old money – and her stupendously rich neighbours, a ruthless railroad tycoon and his ambitious wife, George (Morgan Spector) and Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon).

Exposed to a world on the brink of the modern age, will Marian follow the established rules of society, or forge her own path?

Taking to Twitter to react to the first episode of the new series, one viewer wrote: “#TheGuildedAge is the Downton replacement I needed. MORE MORE MORE.”

Another fan tweeted: “Christine Baranski & Carrie MF Coon did the damn thing! I can not wait for the next episode!”

A third wrote: “Ok. Guilded Age on HBO has me hooked after one episode. The cast! The sets! The costumes! That was an impressive introduction.”

The Gilded Age continues next Tuesday on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.


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