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Love Island Games’ Justine Ndiba reveals her co-star Jack Fowler saved her life

Justine Ndiba has revealed her Love Island Games co-star Jack Fowler saved her life.

The pair struck up a romance during their time in the Fiji-based villa earlier this summer.

Justine first appeared on season two of Love Island USA, while Jack appeared on season four of Love Island UK.

Speaking to The Messenger, Justine revealed that her beau being a good listener came to good use, as she innocently revealed she was allergic to chickpeas.

The Love Island star said: “He came running over to the other side because we’re split up during lunch.”

“He comes running over saying, ‘Justine, did you eat the salad? There’s chickpeas in it.’ He’s saving my life.”

“That’s when I knew this man really cared about me.”


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