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Lorraine Kelly recounts ‘uncomfortable’ moment with Russell Brand on The Graham Norton Show

Lorraine Kelly has recalled an awkward incident she faced with Russell Brand on The Graham Norton Show.

Paul Brand, the news editor for ITV UK, and Alison Phillips, the editor of The Mirror, appeared on her ITV show on Wednesday morning to discuss recent news stories involving Russell.

The British comedian was accused of rape and sexual assault over the weekend in joint investigation conducted by the Sunday Times and Channel 4. The alleged incidents are said to have taken place between 2006 and 2013.

Russell has vehemently denied the allegations against him, claiming that despite his “promiscuous” days, his relationships have always been “consensual”.

Speaking on her show today, Lorraine spoke about the multiple times she has interviewed the comedian over the years.

Lorraine said: “I usually got the charming Russell, the flirty Russell, but I have been doing this a long time and I would like to think there was a tiny bit of respect there, maybe. Although this happened…”

She then aired a clip of her and Russell appearing on The Graham Norton Show back in 2007.

In the clip, Russell can be seen touching Lorraine’s leg and saying: “Oh my god, you’re wearing suspenders. I have been in other films but none of that matters now I know Lorraine Kelly is a s**t.”

After watching the clip, Lorraine said: “That’s uncomfortable to watch that now it absolutely is. Obviously for the record I was not wearing suspenders at all.

“He was laughing, I was laughing. It’s difficult looking back on it, and now I probably would have said something, but it’s an entertainment show, that was his shtick.”

She added: “That’s what he was not just doing but actively encouraged to do. It’s not that long ago, not really.

“I do wonder if I would have put up with that now. I do wonder if we are in a different place now and if it even would have been aired.”


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