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Lorraine Keane: 'I want UTV Ireland to take my new TV show'


Former TV3 star Lorraine Keane has revealed she will be sending her show to every station, including TV3’s rival UTV Ireland.

The ex-Xpose presenter has worked on a food and entertainment programme with Andrew Rudd, and is willing to pitch to anywhere.

“When it’s made and it’s there, we’ll throw it around everywhere. We won’t be shy about sending it out to anyone,” she told Goss.ie

“It’s the type of thing that will appeal to a lot of stations, Andrew has great contacts in the Food Network which would be amazing, they have 30 million viewers.

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And Lorraine admitted it was so easy how the show ended up coming together.

“Myself and Andrew worked together on a Brennan’s bread campaign and I knew he was a really good chef. We worked together very naturally,” she added.

“I had worked on a few ideas for shows and this was one of them.

“When you’re with TV3 for eleven years you’re doing so much yourself anyway. You’re script writing, your editing, researching and everything. And that’s an amazing skill set to have.

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“All of the girls in Xpose do all of that themselves, they put everything together, you’re directing yourself.

“I thought it was an idea that would work, and work with a lot of channels and a lot of places.

“It can fall into lifestyle or food or entertainment with the music.

“There are some nice important people that want to see it. It’s in a rough cut now, it will be done in the next week.

“It was great fun making it. I’m lucky that I have great contacts and great friends in the business. Both from the operational point of view from cameramen and editing to the celebrity end of things.

“There has been quite a few musical people who have said ‘count me in’. We’ll see.”