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Laura Whitmore hoped to become a CSI investigator when in school

Laura Whitmore has revealed she hoped to become a CSI investigator – before becoming a TV presenter.

The MTV star admits she was obsessed with the US crime show while in school, where biology was her favourite subject.

She said: “Biology was my favourite subject because I used to be obsessed with CSI and wanted to do forensics.”

Tonight Laura returns to her school – Loreto Secondary School in Bray – on RTE’s School Around the Corner.


School: Laura returns back to Bray

And the I’m A Celebrity presenter admits it was her mother who put her on track to a showbiz career.

“My mom said what happened was that I was in primary school and they said that she was very quiet and not really talking, so my Mom sent me off to drama,” she said.

“My mom said I came home that day with my hand on my hip and this new attitude. She thought ‘What have I done!”


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