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Keith Duffy's wife would LOVE him to return to the cobbles of Coronation Street

Keith Duffy’s wife has revealed she would love for her husband to return to Coronation Street.

Lisa Duffy said the Boyzone star loved his time working on the UK soap and the pair miss the life they had in Manchester.

“Corrie was great and we loved it. They were so good to us and they looked after us so well as a family,” he said.

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Homesick: Lisa would love to return to Manchester with Keith | VIPIRELAND.COM

“We made such great friends in Manchester and we go back and forth a lot. We’ve got great pals over there so I wouldn’t mind if Keith went back to Corrie.”

Previously Keith hinted he could soon be back on the Coronation Street cobbles after staying in touch with producers.

However Lisa also admitted that if the Dublin singer was to return to the soap, it would have to be after their youngest daughter Mia has finished school.

“I’d nearly prefer he waited until Mia finished school so at least if he was going to go I could maybe think about going with him,” she told the Star.

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Multi-talented: Singer Keith loved his time on Corrie | VIPIRELAND.COM

Meanwhile Lisa revealed she would like her son Jay – who previously starred in Hollyoaks – to finish school before embarking on a full time acting career.

She added: “He’s kind of had to put all the acting aside and knuckle down for his Leaving Cert. I want him to leave that school with a good education, whatever he does after that I don’t mind.”


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