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Sustainable style: Boohoo reveal new RECYCLABLE clothing line

Sustainability is the way forward


Boohoo have revealed their upcoming sustainable fashion line.

Whether it’s on social media, in conversation, or marching on the streets, sustainability is a huge topic at the moment, with more and more people becoming aware of the detrimental impacts humans have on the environment.

Fast fashion has faced scrutiny in the discourse, and Boohoo is moving to adapt to the changing needs of fashion lovers.


Made using recycled polyester, the fabric for the new collection is created from plastic that has been directed away from landfill and repurposed to produce new yarn.

One complaint about previous “slow fashion” lines is that they can be deemed “unfashionable” due to the added time it takes to make the clothing.

However, the time and cost it takes to make a clothing item is indicative of it’s quality, and Boohoo is ensuring that fashionistas do not have to skimp on style.


Featuring 34 fashion pieces, the summer range includes co-ord sets, going out dresses, bodysuits, flares and crop tops in sizes 6-24.

Cost won’t be an issue for consumers either, with the entire range priced between €10 and €30.

The brand promises that their sustainable line is not a one off, as
they will continually add new collections.


Carol Kane, founder of the Boohoo group, said:

“We are consistently listening to our customers and have been working on developing a recycled offering for some time.”

“Boohoo acknowledges its responsibility to be a sustainable business and ‘For the Future’ fashion range is the next step in that journey.”

The collection is made using environmentally friendly and non-toxic fabric dyes and ink, and has been produced in the UK, reducing the amount of air miles clocked up to get them made.