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Siva Kaneswaran won't force fiancee to wear 'slave dress' for Star Wars themed wedding

Siva from The Wanted is having a Star Wars themed wedding

The Wanted star Siva Kaneswaran has insisted he won’t force his fiancee to dress like Princess Leia at their Star Wars themed wedding.

Last month, Goss.ie told how the Dubliner had got Nareesha McCaffrey to agree to his bonkers plan after months of nagging her.

However Siva has said that his fiancee is more interested in a “Cinderella type of wedding” and will do her own thing with her dress.

“She wants to look like a princess and is more interested in a Cinderella type of wedding which is perfectly fine and understandable,” he said.

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“I would never make her wear a slave dress.”

And Siva also revealed that their wedding now won’t take place until next year, after their engagement last Christmas.

He said: “With everything going on this year we are both so busy. So we will get married next year, probably in Europe.”


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But Siva added that they are still loving living in the US where he is working on a solo album.

He added: “This is an exciting journey for us. It’s a new stage. We love being outdoors and in the sun, being active. It’s a good place for us.”