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Vogue Williams wins praise for being ‘honest’ about having a nanny

The TV presenter shares two children with her husband Spencer Matthews


Vogue Williams has won praise for being “honest” about having a nanny.

The Dublin native is married to former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, and the couple share two children – Theodore, 2, and Gigi, five months.

During a Q&A on Instagram on Wednesday night, Vogue was asked if they have a nanny.

The TV presenter replied: “Yes we have someone who helps during the week so we can work.”

“I’m always super honest about this because I wouldn’t be able to do everything I do without help.”

After Vogue opened up about their need for childcare, the 35-year-old received a kind message from a follower.

The message said: “Thank you so much for being honest about this!! It just helps lift the feeling of pressure from people who wonder why they can’t do it ALL!”

Posting a screenshot of the DM, Vogue replied: “Nobody can do it all! Please don’t compare yourself on Instagram as it’s only a snapshot into someone’s life.”

During her Q&A, the TV personality also spoke about “mom guilt”, after a follower asked how she juggles work with two children.

Vogue said: “It can be really hard but I’m super organised which helps. I’m very careful about what jobs I choose to do as the babies have to come first.”

“The mom guilt is real though. I don’t like being away from them for very long.”

Vogue, Spencer, and their two kids Theodore and Gigi

“If I have a super busy week I always factor time into my day for them because it’s really important to me,” she added.

The Howth native also shared their plans to have more children.

Vogue confessed: “We would love one more for sure! We always said four but our house is v busy so we would have to see!”