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Una Healy admits she had ‘no one to turn to’ when she lived in the UK

Una Healy has admitted she had “no one to turn to” when she lived in the UK.

The 39-year-old lived in England for 12 years before she moved back to Tipperary last summer with her two kids, Aoife Belle and Tadhg.

Speaking on Classic Hits’ Guaranteed Irish show, Una said she decided to make the move after spending the first coronavirus lockdown in the UK, which she found “tough”.

Una with her two kids

The singer said: “It’s nice to be home. I was over there in the UK for 12 years. I was all on my own with the two kids. I found it tough.”

“I think everybody found lockdown one strange. [It was]obviously horrible what was happening outside, but in your own little bubble at home, it was a little bit of a novelty almost.”

“It was like a zombie apocalypse, almost. But as the weeks went on it really hit home that this is real and long.”

“I felt if this happens again, which it will, I want to be at home because I need my family around me and I need the support because I’m working. I had no one to turn to,” she confessed.

“I’m back home now in Thurles in Tipperary which is lovely, which is where I grew up. The kids are in the school I went to and it is just lovely. It is definitely the best place to be right now.”

Una moved back to Ireland two years after she split from rugby player Ben Foden in July 2018.


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