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Thalia Heffernan has the BEST response to troll who said she gained weight

The model shared an important reminder about being kind online


Thalia Heffernan has shared a powerful message about the importance of being kind online.

The Irish model revealed she received a message online from a fake account that commented on her weight.

The 25-year-old opened up about a time in her life where she would “beat herself up” about her body, and reminded her 52k followers that they don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

Taking to Instagram, Thalia wrote: “To the fake account (sounded masculine) who was concerned about my ‘obvious weight gain’ in my latest post, thank you but I’m good.”

“Yes, I’ve gained weight and a lot of muscle, which I’m really proud of. I also was waiting for my period, where naturally I was bloated and sore (to most you probably wouldn’t recognise it but for me it took a lot to post it knowing I didn’t ‘look my best’).”

“Also, I’m gonna talk about my periods because a combination of eating and mental health issues meant I lost them before and my amazing body was able to give me that gift back again.”

“Opinions like these are the kind of thing that made me sit and consider deleting this at 2am last night. But, on a clearer head today, without my belly feeling like it was on fire thanks to Mother Nature, I realised how proud I am of it.”

“My body may fluctuate, but it carries me everyday and works to allow me to stretch, move and survive. I think that’s pretty special,” she added.

“There was a time I couldn’t, working out/stretching hurt because my protruding bones would bruise and I felt like they’d crumble under the impossibly small weight of my body.”

“There was also times where i was ‘big’ enough to rip the seams of sample pieces on set/on shows. On both occasions I would cry and beat myself up for hours, thinking I was ‘too fat’ to be happy. My size was never my issue.”


Thalia revealed she was the healthiest she’s ever been been, and urged: “Please, do not aspire to be my ‘size’, aspire to be your body’s best to allow you to be YOUR best.”

“Please remember that you never ever know what’s going on behind closed doors. Passing negative judgement on someone else’s size/weight/skin colour/skin texture or anything else isn’t going to make you feel any better and it certainly isn’t going to make them feel better, either.”

“Let’s try harder to be better to ourselves and in turn it’ll be easier to be better to others. ❤️,” she concluded the post.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Thalia reshared the post and added: “Addressing a message I got about my weight.”

“I think it’s important to be honest about our issues and how stupid flippant comments can easily harm those on the receiving end. Let’s be more kind.”