Rosie Connolly thanks followers for kind messages – after post natal depression hit her ‘like a tonne of bricks’

The Irish influencer had a tough day yesterday


Rosie Connolly has thanked her followers for their kind messages, after she admitted her post natal depression had hit her “like a tonne of bricks”.

The 30-year-old revealed she was having “just one of those days” on Thursday, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking to Instagram, the mum-of-two confessed: “Today was a day… Just one of those days.. PND hit me like a tonne of bricks and my heart has been racing all day…”


The influencer then explained that she called her mother for support, and it immediately put her at ease.

“But I got myself out for a walk while calling my Mum for some wise words.. She always knows what to say – how do mums know how to do it?! Felt a million times better after I hung up the phone.”

“So today, I’m thankful and grateful to have my amazing mother around to give me the boost and pep talks I need on bad days,” she penned. “Even on the bad days, look a little harder for something to be thankful for.”

This morning, Rosie shared a heartfelt post on the social media platform – and thanked her fans for the kind messages she has received.


“Woke before the rest of the house to have some me-time before the day starts,” she wrote.

“Thank you for all your kind messages, they made me smile this morning.”

Rosie proceeded to address her struggles with her mental health as she spoke to her 328k followers.


“It’s hard when you have a bad day but we can only take each day as it comes,” she commented.

“As my mum said to me yesterday, ‘You don’t need to keep fighting against it. It is just part of you and let the day be.'”

“There is no start or endpoint on a journey with mental health.”

“It’s just something I’ll always have to work on,” she added.

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