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Lisa Jordan and Rosie Connolly follow Louise Cooney in speaking out, as fashion brand faces claims of ‘exploitation’

An undercover investigation claimed workers in factories are only making €3.86 an hour for top brands


Lisa Jordan and Rosie Connolly are the latest Irish influencers to address the investigation into fashion factories who are accused of supplying fast fashion brand Boohoo.

After a Sunday Times investigation, Louise Cooney revealed she would be “pausing” her influencer work following the accusations – explaining she wanted to “look into it” and “be sure that the brands I’m working with are in line with my values and what I believe in as well.”

Lisa Jordan has now admitted she was “so upset” upon reading the Sunday Times article, which reported that staff at a Jaswal Fashions factory are earning just £3.50 (€3.86 ) an hour.

In the investigation published, the journalist was seen packing bags labelled with Nasty Gal.

“I straight away emailed [the brands] to get clarification. I still haven’t got clarification, but I just wanted to let you know that I don’t agree with any of it and my jobs will be on pause until I know more.”


Rosie Connolly also took to her Instagram stories to highlight the article in question, which was shared by @stephmylife.

“A very interesting story regarding some brands I have worked with in the past and shopped with,” she wrote, “and something I am glad has been brought to be attention.”

“I suggest you take a few minutes to watch [stephmylife’s] story,” she told her followers.


In the piece the journalist says the factor is like a “sweat shop” and now the fashion giant Boohoo.com are facing claims of “slavery”.

It comes as the National Crime Agency confirmed it was investigating Leicester’s textiles industry over allegations of exploitation.

An NCA spokesman said: “Within the last few days NCA officers, along with Leicestershire Police and other partner agencies, attended a number of business premises in the Leicester area to assess concerns of modern slavery and human trafficking.”

Since the shocking claims were made this weekend, Boohoo have said they are no longer contracted with Jaswal Fashions.

Rosie Connolly – Instagram

“We are grateful to The Sunday Times for highlighting the conditions at Jaswal Fashions, which, if as observed and reported by the undercover reporter, are totally unacceptable and fall woefully short of any standards acceptable in any workplace,” Boohoo said.

The company added that early investigations had revealed that Jaswal Fashions was not a declared supplier and was also no longer trading as a garment manufacturer, indicating that a different company was using Jaswal’s former premises.

“We are taking immediate action to thoroughly investigate how our garments were in their hands, will ensure that our suppliers immediately cease working with this company, and we will urgently review our relationship with any suppliers who have sub-contracted work to the manufacturer in question.”

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