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James Kavanagh reveals he was dropped from RTÉ’s Dancing with the Stars ‘at the last minute’

James Kavanagh has revealed he agreed to be a part of this year’s Dancing with the Stars lineup, but was dropped before the series started production.

The social media star was approached by producers, but didn’t make the final list of 12 celebrities.

He told RSVP Live: “I was approached to do Dancing with the Stars this year. I agreed to do it and they dropped me at the last minute.”

“I don’t know why. I never found out. Maybe they got someone better.”

James said he was “so buzzing to do it”, and would love to be given the opportunity next year.

“Anyone I know who has done it said that it is so much craic and so much fun. Everyone looks like they are having a ball,” he confessed.

The social media star added: “I would be terrified though, I love dancing but I am not a good dancer.”

“I can’t remember routines, so I would fall down on remembering the shows. I still think I would have a ball.”

James presented the Virgin Media dating show Grá ar an Trá last summer alongside Gráinne Seoige and Síomha Ní Ruairc.

He’s now hoping the series will return for another season.

“I think we have gotten the green light, as far as I am aware. It is looking very likely that there will be a season two, which is great,” he told the outlet.

“You need about three seasons for these kinds of shows for them to really kick in. The first season was finding its feet and it was the first of its kind in terms of format.”

“The setup was incredible. There were a million hot head cameras and I have never seen a bigger crew. The only other time I have seen a crew like it was on Dancing with the Stars. We had the best of the best.”

“We had the best cameramen and the best sound men. Season two has to be longer, the cast need to build those relationships and become emotional. You have to give that time to happen.”


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