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Irish actor Barry Keoghan and girlfriend Shona Guerin hung out with Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn

The pop star is notoriously private about her relationship with the actor

Barry and girlfriend Shona VIPIRELAND.com

Irish actor Barry Keoghan and his girlfriend Shona Guerin are pretty much some of the only people to get to see Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alywn together.

The Dubliner was at the world premiere of Joe’s movie The Favourite this weekend and he was spotted with the celeb couple.

The pair were spotted hanging out with Taylor and her man at NYC restaurant Tavern On The Green, where the official after party was held.

Shona and Barry | VIPIRELAND.com

According to WWD.com, Taylor and Joe had a serious set up at the party, with publicists and security hovering around the pair to obstruct people’s view of the couple.

Taylor reportedly refused photos and interviews on the night, but she made a big effort with Barry’s girlfriend Shona.

“Irish actor Barry Keoghan, who was in Lanthimos’ 2017 film The Killing of the Sacred Deer, and his girlfriend Shona Guerin were two lucky individuals granted access into the kingdom that was the circumference of Swift and Alwyn’s table,” the publication wrote.

“Keoghan gave Alwyn dap while Swift met Guerin. ‘Hi, I’m Taylor,’ the pop singer said to her. ‘You look so cute.’,” the site added.

According to the publication “back up” was called, and Barry and Shona were pretty much the only people allowed near the famous couple.

Barry, who’s star rose in Ireland thanks to his role as the ‘cat killer’ in Love/Hate has seen his star rise rapidly in Hollywood.

The young actor has already starred alongside actors like Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman, with the Dubliner being tipped for even more success in the coming years.