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Doireann Garrihy calls out internet troll – after receiving nasty message

The Irish presenter wanted to make a point


Doireann Garrihy has called out a troll after she received a nasty message on social media.

The 28-year-old revealed that an Instagram user criticised her morning radio show with co-host Eoghan McDermott and claimed that they were “so bad on the radio.”

Doireann shared the message on the social media platform with her 235K followers.

“Nothing like a Monday morning troll to kick off the day,” she captioned the post.


The critic wrote that the Irish broadcaster made their “ears bleed.”

“You guys make my ears bleed your so bad on radio,” the message read. “Do us all a favour and just quit or be better ye get fired.”

“Your so bad it’s cringe worthy,” the Instagram user added.


Last month, Doireann opened up about the abuse she received over the viral WhatsApp voice notes that circulated back in 2018.

The actress was labelled a “man stealer” back in October 2018 after fake voice notes accused her of stealing her former boyfriend Joe Melody from another woman.

“It was the fact that I was suffering the consequences of something I hadn’t done,” she explained on Dara Quilty’s podcast.

“It was actually the worst thing ever, and Podge & Rodge was starting that week and this was all I could think about, when I should have been thinking about my first opportunity in TV.”

“It was just hell. But you know what, it was the best lesson for me, because up to that point I kind of thought well if someone follows me they must like me, but it was the biggest lesson in how untrue that is,” she added.

The news comes after Doireann revealed that she had moved in with her boyfriend Paddy Wilson at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

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