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Aoibhin Garrihy opens up about quitting acting and moving to Clare

The star said she was "constantly waiting for the phone to ring"


She rose to fame thanks to her role in RTE soap Fair City – but now Aoibhin Garrihy has revealed why she has left the world of acting behind her.

The mother-of-one quit acting and quit Dublin, to move to Clare with her husband John Burke, where they raise their daughter Hanorah.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Aoibhin said that she hated waiting for jobs, and that people looked down on her for taking part in Dancing With The Stars.

Family life – Aoibhin and husband John with their daughter Hanorah

“I hated being between jobs, constantly having to wait for the phone to ring,” she said.

“If someone asked me what I was up to, and I wasn’t up to anything, I wanted the ground to just swallow me up.

“And there’s a snobbery as well – that if you’re not true to your craft and if you do the likes of Dancing With The Stars , or you take on something else that’s completely different, you’re seen to be bowing out.

BEO – Aoibhin now runs wellness events

“I didn’t like that. Like, why pigeonhole yourself? Why say you’re only X when you could be Y too?”

The mum-of-one admitted she was worried moving out of Dublin was “career suicide”.


Now Aoibhin runs successful wellness masterclasses called Beo – which is MC’d by her sister Doireann Garrihy and includes special guests such as Sile Seoige and Leanne Moore.

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