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Lottie Ryan: 'I have no social life – thanks to my early breakfast show on 2FM'

RTE star Lottie Ryan has admitted she had to say good by to her social life – after joining 2FM to hos the Early, Early Breakfast Show.

The daughter of much-loved radio host Gerry Ryan, has admitted that she can only party during the week, but nobody wants to join her.

Admitting that her social life “is kind of down the toilet” Lottie said she mainly goes to the cinema now.

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Early riser: Lottie can’t party anymore | BRIAN MCEVOY

“People don’t want to go out mid-week – it’s not the most sociable hours, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” she said.

“Early cinema dates are good with me,” she told TV3’s Late Lunch Live.

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