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Lidl Ireland announce they will start selling Covid-19 antigen tests this week

Lidl Ireland have announced they will start selling Covid-19 antigen tests this week.

The supermarket will begin selling packs of five test kits from tomorrow, May 7 in 168 stores across the country.

The Boston Biotech kits will retail at €24.99 per pack, and they will be limited to five per customer.

Lidl shared the news via Twitter, writing: “From 7th May we will be selling antigen tests across all 168 stores in Ireland.”

“With a max limit of 5 packs per customer, they will go on sale for €24.99 per pack. Each pack contains 5 test kits.”

“As we add these antigen tests to our range, we urge our shoppers to continue to stringently follow the public health advice.”

“We hope that by offering them, these tests will add an extra level of reassurance to our customers as they follow that advice.”

According to the HSE, the antigen tests are “less accurate” than the Covid-19 PCR test.

They say: “The test will find the virus in most people who have symptoms. But in some cases, it may not pick up that you have the virus.”

Antigen tests uses a swab to take a sample from your nose, with the results coming back within about 15 minutes.

The tests are not currently acceptable for international travel.


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