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Research says one in four Irish people nab their first date online


There is nothing more stressful than catching the eye of some ride across the bar then to have them walk over as your mind goes blank.

Don’t worry! Dominos Pizza is here to help with their Cheesy Chat Up Line generator.

With lines like “Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?” you’re sure to seal the deal on that date.


Seal the deal: A cheesy chat up works wonder to bag that babe | TINDER

Through a survey, Dominos has found out that a huge amount of Irish people use online dating to find a match, with Thursday being the most popular day to find their new love.

It’s been revealed that 26% of first dates in Ireland starts online and the most popular first date is to go for a casual drink.

Nearly one third of those surveyed said that they would rather chat to someone online for a while before meeting in person.

We’re also a super creepy bunch, with just over half saying they search their potential partner online using Google and Facebook.


Delightful dates: Popular first dates are the zoo, the seaside, and sight seeing | DUBLIN ZOO

Other popular first dates include going to the seaside, going for brunch, cooking a meal together, and going sightseeing.

For couples, their favourite date activity is far more relaxed – pizza and a movie.

Opting to stay home and turn on Netflix while waiting for a hot Dominos was the top choice for the couple’s asked.