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Not so hard now! Boyzone were afraid of Spice Girls

Boyzone’s Shane Lynch has revealed that the band were scared of the Spice Girls.

The Dubliners would regularly appear with the British group at the top of their fame.

But the 37-year-old admitted the Spice Girls’ crazed personas left the band particularly terrified.

He said: “During the Live & Kicking days, the TV shows we used to do together – they were always the loudest band down the corridor in the BBC studios.

“They were a laugh and had a lot of great, fun times. We were Irish and quiet and young, a little bit naïve and innocent and these five head bangers were loud and fabulous and beautiful.

“They were in a different world, they were quite scary to us, that’s probably why we more intimated by them than anyone else.”


Shane added that he feels Boyzone is of the same “calibre” as the Spice Girls – as the lads have all done separate successful projects.

He said: “’Each of the individual girls has all stepped into other roles, TV, fashion, and it’s great to see that sort of success.

“That’s one of the things that as a band, we were able to do as well, we’re of the same kind of calibre.”

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