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Meghan Markle reveals she and Prince Harry were ‘overwhelmed’ after the birth of daughter Lilibet

Meghan Markle has revealed she and Prince Harry were “overwhelmed” after the birth of their daughter.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their second child together on June 4, a baby girl who they named Lilibet Diana.

On Wednesday, Meghan gave a rare insight into her family’s life in an open letter to members of the United States Congress and Senate calling for paid leave for new parents.


The former Suits star noted that she is not a politician or an elected official, but simply “an engaged citizen and a parent”.

The mother-of-two wrote: “I’m writing to you on behalf of millions of American families who are using their voices to say that comprehensive paid leave should not be a place to compromise or negotiate. In fact, most nations already have paid leave policies in place.”

The 40-year-old explained that the US “does not federally guarantee any person a single day of paid leave. And fewer than one in four workers has dedicated paid family leave through their employer.”

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She continued: “In June, my husband and I welcomed our second child. Like any parents, we were overjoyed. Like many parents, we were overwhelmed. Like fewer parents, we weren’t confronted with the harsh reality of either spending those first few critical months with our baby or going back to work.”

“We knew we could take her home, and in that vital (and sacred) stage, devote any and everything to our kids and to our family. We knew that by doing so we wouldn’t have to make impossible choices about childcare, work, and medical care that so many have to make every single day.”

“No family should be faced with these decisions. No family should have to choose between earning a living and having the freedom to take care of their child (or a loved one, or themselves, as we would see with a comprehensive paid leave plan).”


Meghan concluded the letter by calling attention to the polarized nature of American politics in 2021, and noting that this could be an opportunity for both parties to work together.

“I know how politically charged things can—and have—become. But this isn’t about Right or Left, it’s about right or wrong. This is about putting families above politics. And for a refreshing change, it’s something we all seem to agree on. At a point when everything feels so divisive, let this be a shared goal that unites us,” she wrote.

“So, on behalf of my family, Archie and Lili and Harry, I thank you for considering this letter, and on behalf of all families, I ask you to ensure this consequential moment is not lost.”


Meghan and Harry tied the knot on May 19, 2018.

Their son Archie was born on May 6 the following year, while their daughter was born in June this year.

The couple are currently live in Montecito, California with their children, after stepping down from their role as senior working members of the Royal Family.

You can read Meghan’s full letter here.


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